How to Conceal a Pimple

Whether you’ve had an unexpected breakout or have not yet begun your clear skin journey with Proactiv+, concealing your blemishes can help you to feel more confident and ready to take on the world.

When you are applying makeup to conceal your imperfections, the first thing to think about is choosing the best concealer for the job. Some concealers and foundations can clog your pores or irritate your blemishes, meaning your skin condition could become even more problematic. It’s best to choose makeup that doesn’t just hide your imperfections, but can help to fight them too.

That’s where our Instant-Fix Concealer comes in. Formulated with blemish-fighting salicylic acid and moisturising ingredients that help to soothe your skin, it works to give you flawless looking skin while helping to clear your blemishes at the same time. It’s designed to be lightweight on your skin too, so it won’t clog your pores and cause further breakouts in the future.

How to apply our Repairing Concealer

Celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine recommends that you start with your foundation first, and then apply your concealer. Using a concealer is recommended, because your foundation alone may not completely cover areas that are red or more noticeable.

The first thing you need to do is match your concealer to your skin tone. The great thing about our Repairing Concealer is that is comes in four different shades, meaning you can blend and match the colours to suit your skin tone. To find out what shade suits your skin best, take a look in the mirror to see whether you have warmer or cooler undertones. Blend a little of our concealer on the back of your hand and test on a small area of your face to find the perfect shade.

Once you’ve created your shade, press gently against your blemish and lightly stipple the Repairing Concealer onto your pimple with a concealer brush. Try to avoid sweeping motions when applying because this will just move the product around the area, rather than concealing it. Once you have applied the concealer, lightly blend the surrounding area with your finger for a natural finish.

Take a step back and review your work. If you need to, apply some more of our Repairing Concealer to any imperfections that you may have missed.

Because our Proactiv+ concealer contains salicylic acid, you can enjoy all-day coverage for your blemishes, with the knowledge that your makeup is working to help fight your breakouts and give you healthy skin too.

Skin care tips to bear in mind

+ If you’re using your hands and fingers to apply your makeup, make sure that you wash them before you do.

+ Apply our Repairing Concealer after using your Proactiv+ three-step system, and once your Complexion Perfecting Hydrator is fully absorbed.

+ Our Repairing Concealer isn’t just great for hiding blemishes. It can be used to cover dark circles under the eye as well as any dark pimples on your skin.

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