Facial Cleansing in Three Easy Steps

Proactiv+ is a range of skincare products designed to help clear blemishes as part of a facial cleansing routine and help prevent future breakouts from forming. The process is simple, but leaves skin feeling cleansed, glowing and, most importantly, blemish-free.

Based on our experience, we know that a blemish control system must be more than just effectual. To really succeed, it must also be easy to use – and desirable – while blending effortlessly with your daily facial cleansing routine.

That’s why Proactiv+ cleanser solutions feel more like a luxury skin care routine than a blemish system, as they’re soothing, feel wonderful on the skin and have a pleasant scent.

Quite simply, our products work – and keep working – to make you feel confident in your skin.

Blemish-free skin with a simple skin care routine

Our unique face cleansing routine works to combat blemishes by cleaning, treating and hydrating.

The simple, three-step process allows for blemish-free, great-looking skin by first gently exfoliating your pores and allowing the salicylic acid to penetrate.

Then, by using the Pore Targeting Treatment, salicylic acid is delivered directly into the pores to help reach the source of the problem. Finally, by applying the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, your skin is left hydrated, supple, smooth, even-toned and bright.

Blackheads are extremely common, so it’s important to continue to use a facial cleansing routine to help prevent new blemishes from forming. By using Proactiv+, you’ll benefit from a safe and effective routine, helping to prevent blackheads from becoming a larger problem.

With our help, facial cleansing can be simple, and our system leaves your skin feeling clean and fabulous every time.

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