How Proactiv+ Works

At Proactiv our aim is to help as many people as possible to get the clear skin they deserve. Whatever your age and whatever your lifestyle, we’ve created our amazing 3-step system designed to give you beautiful and radiant-looking skin. But how does it work and why is our 3-step system so unique?

As well as developing products that really work, we continue to research and develop formulas that are designed to prevent breakouts. One of these formulas is our Smart Target technology, which you’ll find in our Proactiv+ products. You’ll also find salicylic acid, an exfoliating ingredient that’s known for its blemish-fighting properties. The combination of these two ingredients is a big part of why Proactiv+  can be so effective, and the built in hydration leaves your skin looking clear and radiant.

The Science Behind Clear Skin

Smart TargetTM technology

Our exclusive Smart TargetTM technology works to target the pore directly, which is where your blemishes and breakouts start. Because our Smart Target Technology targets the pore, more salicylic acid can be delivered into your pores. That means that this brilliant ingredient can get to work quickly and start to fight your blemishes and clear your skin.

More Salicylic Acid in the Pore

These advanced skincare ingredients help to clear skin and deliver visible skincare results. Salicylic acid also helps to unclog pores, clear blemishes and prevent new breakouts from forming.

Built in Hydration

To give your skin that beautiful, radiant looking and glowing appearance, we’ve built in hydration to all of our products.

Our hydrating skin care ingredients help to moisturise, as well as leave your skin feeling smooth, supple, even toned, bright and radiant-looking.

Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator

Our Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is the first step in your Proactiv+ skincare routine. It’s designed to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin, revealing a beautiful, radiant looking complexion.

The secret to our Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is the gentle exfoliating beads and blemish-fighting ingredients. As you apply the product, the exfoliating beads work to slough away dead skin cells, dirt, oil, grime and makeup – as well as any other pore-clogging impurities. Because it contains salicylic acid, this Proactiv+ product gets to work at fighting your blemishes too, while glycolic acid helps to renew the look of the skin’s surface. 

Our Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is suitable for all skin types, and has been dermatologically tested. It’s paraben-free, oil-free and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores as you use it. 

Proactiv+ Pore Targeting Treatment

Step two is our Pore Targeting Treatment. The secret to this amazing product is how it gets to work deep in your pores to break down dirt, dead skin cells and sebum. It eliminates bacteria and excess oil, leaving your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother.

As well as clearing your pores, our Pore Targeting Treatment also helps to tone and tighten your pores, which all help to improve the texture of your skin.

If your skin is irritated and sore, it helps to soothe that irritation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Proactiv+ Complexion Perfecting Hydrator

Once our Pore Targeting Treatment is fully absorbed, it’s time for step three. Our Complexion Perfecting Hydrator does what it says on the tin and much more. It starts by hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, supple and even-textured. It then helps to reduce the appearance of redness, blemish marks and any imbalance of dryness and excess oil. It works to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and helps prevent blemishes from reappearing.

As well as evening out your complexion’s tone and texture, our Complexion Perfecting Hydrator also helps to give you a bright, radiant and healthy glow.

The Proactiv+ 3-step system

Another secret to why Proactiv+ works so well is in the 3-step system. We’ve developed this skin care routine specifically for blemish prone skin, and each of the steps does a different job in helping you achieve a clear complexion. From exfoliating to hydrating, the Proactiv+ core system is effective, easy and makes achieving beautiful skin a reality. It’s gentle enough to use every day, morning and night, yet powerful enough to help you achieve beautiful, clear skin.


  • Clear Blemishes and prevent future breakouts
  • Hydrate and soften skin
  • Improve visible texture and clarity
  • Reduce visible pore size
  • Control and balance oily skin
  • Helps reduce the appearance of redness
  • Brighten and smooth skin
  • Enhance overall skin radiance
  • Diminish look of dark marks and wrinkles

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